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We offer a wide range of home design services, specializing in home design plans and development. Learn more about Corriveau Home Design (formerly Corriveau CADD) and the Corriveau difference.

Home Design Services

Certified House Plans

At Corriveau Home Design, we have an extensive array of home plans. No matter your budget or your ambitious construction ideas, we consult with you to find and develop a plan that is exactly what you are looking for.
Home Addition Site Plan

3D Rendering and Walkthroughs

Once you've selected a plan, a 3D rendering is recommended. This allows you to see your home in full color 3D. Our technology is so advanced, we are able to add landscaping, night renderings, interior layouts in 3D. The renderings are so lifelike, it's almost difficult to tell whether it is a 3D rendering or a picture. View our portfolio or our slideshow on the home page to see for yourself!

The Home Design Process Explained

Step 1: Initial Consultation
This phase is where we get to the details of all the issues and concepts that are important to you such as house style, size, construction budget, etc.

Step 2: Preliminary Design
Based on the consultation in step 1, we build a floor plan and rendering as a starting point.

Step 3: Revisions
This is when the fine tuning comes into play. Here is where all the more intricate details are worked out with regard to your home design.

Step 4: Print and Pickup
All necessary plans for your home are printed out and  and ready for pickup or delivery.

Floor Plans

Our experienced drafting team is able to build and modify floor plans to fit any construction style or project.
New Home l Addition

Cross Sections and Details

Cross sections are details another integral part to the building process. Again our team offers this service to our clients as part of the total home building process or as a one-off project with a house plan you may already have at your disposal.
New Home l Addition


While floor plans and cross sections deal with the interior of the home, elevation plans are and important piece for the home builder to have regarding the general outdoor layout of your home.
New Home l Addition

Additional Services

HVAC Design

Proper HVAC design is often overlooked in the building process. A proper design ensures optimal efficiency, home comfort and air quality. Services include forced air system schematics (which may be required for permit) and heat loss / gain calculations.

Interior Design Services

Maybe you just need a new kitchen or are planning a basement renovation. Our team can help you design any project, no matter how big or small.

CAD Drafting Services

Our drafting team can tackle whatever drafting project you wish to throw at them.

Engineering Services

We are able to assist with a variety of construction engineering projects. Please contact us for more information.